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About me
I have a true passion for the digital world and a real interest in the possibilities new technology brings. I always try to bring the most innovative ideas to the table whilst always bearing in mind the brief and user needs.

Few years ago I started traveling and living in different places and since I cannot stop. Every new country is a challenge where I have to adapt myself. Theses experiences keep me curious and open my eyes to cultural differences and the importance of a user-centered design.

I am truly passionate by my work and my multidisciplinary skills means that I can work on a wide variety of projects, ranging from; websites, applications and video to interactive installations and exhibition design.

User centric design
I love trying to make the user-friendliest design possible by understanding what are the user needs and putting myself in their shoes.
Experiential design
I have a special interest in experiential design, a subject on which I keep a daily watch. I love designing new interactions especially when it immersed people and give them emotions.