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Improve HIV treatment experience

Dialogue doctor was created during the first 3 months sprint of the Hive, innovation unit launched by ViiV Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Company focused on HIV treatments. I had the chance to be part of a multi-disciplined team of 4 consultants that had for mission to develop a tool to identify “silent sufferers” and help them improve their discussion with their physicians about their current HIV treatment.


Dialogue doctor is an SMS based service introduced through a «key» enabling people leaving with HIV to monitor how they feel, any side effects issues they may be experiencing and their adherence to treatment.


It captures that information using a simple, friendly question and answer format that surfaces issues and areas of concern in a prioritized and quantified matter. It can also recognize patterns that could lead to non-adherence. The service then sums up the information to share with doctors during consultations and so frees them to use the limited time they have with each patient more productively.


User Research
Workshops & insights
During the first part of the project we gathered a lot of information through desk research. We also organized few workshops with different healthcare professionals and people living with HIV in order to understand better what it is to live with HIV and what is the HIV care pathway.

Personas & User journeys
Thanks to the insights, we developed few personas as well as the possible journeys from the “at risk” moment to the stabilization of the treatment. This helped us defined pain points at the different stages and so discover new opportunities.

From pain points

to opportunities


selection & refinement

After defining the different pain points and opportunities, we started generated lots of solutions relating to them. We then clustered the ideas under different themes and established an evaluation grid, which allowed us to select and refine the most powerful ideas.


The Vision
From all theses ideas emerged the vision of a more complete service that would make HIV journeys easier and simpler called the Garden. It would deliver a ‘whole person’ healthcare experience based on four main areas: mentoring through a personalized support, optimization of the treatment, education with personalized edu-taining tools and improvement of the person general wellbeing.


Dialogue doctor being the entry point of this more complete experience that would be developed gradually.



Treatment experience


Dialogue Doctor



Presentations & Business case
As the designer of the team, I was also in charge of the visual part of the project as well as being part of the service strategy and design. I have developed the visual identity of the service, the pitch decks and the business case booklet.

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