DJM Innovation Lab


Creative Technologist & Art Director


Master a new expertise

Projection mapping is a great way to distort the perception of a surface that always fascinated me. So I decided to explore the technique during the DJM innovation lab. From early tests to the production of full projection events, I enjoyed myself developing new technique skills as well as creating engaging content and leading a team.

Technical challenge
The basics
In order to understand how projection-mapping works I started projecting content on a simple cube, testing different ways to deform the cube.

Different points of view
With projecting 3D shapes on a 3D environment, the challenge was to dissociate the projector and the audience points of view and so deform the content in order to keep the perspective right from where the audience would stand.

Conceptualisation & Production
The story
For the first projection on a building, the goal was to test different effects in order to evaluate the best visual render on site. The aim was to connect theses effects in one continual story rather than having fragmented clips.





For the production of the projected content, I directed a multi-skilled team of four designers and 3D creatives. To guide them I have developed a storyboard of the story as well as moodboards and guidelines depicting the aesthetic wanted.

The magical moment
Before the inauguration of the projection on site, I have shared the knowledge acquired during this DJM innovation lab experience with the wider team. Giving the opportunity for the company to re-use the new expertise for future clients’ projects.

Client project application

These techniques were later applied to a showcase at TMW’s first _Lab Incubator expo where I installed and calibrated the equipment. In collaboration with their team, we created a storyboard for the projection and I liaised the production of the content between the two studios.

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